Words in Colour is a system for teaching the reading and writing of English to learners who are English speakers. The published materials provide a course of study designed to bring beginning readers through a mastery of reading and writing to a study of the structure of the language. The books for teachers give elaborate advice on how this may suitably be presented either to meet the needs of children in their first year at school or alternatively to stimulate enthusiasm in backward readers at the junior or secondary school level or indeed with non-readers at any age beyond school.


Below is a comparative table showing how the different parts of the material are connected:

Primers 1, 2, 3

Coloured Charts

Word Building Book


Book 1

Book 2

Book 3

Charts 1-2

Charts 3-12

Charts 12-24

Tables 1-2

Tables 2-9

Tables 10-16

No. 1

Nos. 2-5

Nos. 6-12

Table 16 corresponds to the coloured Fidel (Phonic Code)

Nos. 13 & 14 are linked with the Book of Stories